Saturday, July 10, 2010

Despicable Me!

Despicable Me.....
Appropriate for ALL ages. No inappropriate scenes. Well, there was one nudity part. It was where the Minions were sitting on the copier, photographing without pants on.
But, you've probably seen that on the commercials already.
Mr. Gru (played by the Office guy, Steve Carell) a sinister evil man who wants to top all other sinister villians and steal the moon. To do this, he adopts 3 little girls to help him break into another villian's home to steal a shrink gun.
These 3 little girls are soooo adorable, they soon turn his heart into mush and they have him wrapped around their little fingers. And they quickly win over the love of the minions, and the pointy toothed dog, Kyle.
The main character is extremely funny, but also pay attention to the other characters, they are just as funny, and can hold their own.
I really want to find the book about the three kittens, if anyone has seen it. Very cute!
I can see many one liners coming out of this movie!!
One of the many funny lines... "It's SO fluffy!" and the Unicorn song.
Would I see it again, YES! Would I rent it, YES! Would I buy it, YES!
Out of 10 Burger King Eclipse Cups, I would give this movie an 11.
It was that good.

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