Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Interesting topic, Matt Damon stars, Clint Eastwood directs, Steven Spielberg produces...sounds like a winner? Don't waste your money.

It took about 75 minutes for this movie to start coming together, for for that first 75 minutes, your watching 3 movies, one is in subtitles. When it finally comes together and ends, Joe's quote "Well there's 2 hours of my life I'll never get back." My quote was "Do you think she could invest in a brush?" The co-star's hair was a mess by hairstyle choice.

We were all quite disappointed, knowing what we know with the subject matter, it could have been explored more. The title says HEREAFTER, but really that wasn't the subject or plot of the movie. They didn't treat the hereafter with the reverence that it deserves.

One F-Bomb was dropped, no nudity but there was a scene where the woman was dressing and you saw underwear (it was very pretty and lacy!)

If you decide to go and waste your $$, take some Kleenex, there are some sad scenes, because the movie does talk about death.

Out of 5 Disani Water bottle caps, I would give it a 1. 4 off because Clint Eastwood should have consulted with someone who knows a little more about the HEREAFTER.

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