Saturday, May 30, 2009

Night At The Museum, 2

Night at the museum, 2.....................WHAT A FUNNY FUNNY MOVIE! We went last week, and we are still doing one liners from it. That's a good movie in my book.

Ben Stiller, who is now a successful inventor / infommercial mogul goes back to the museum to see everything packed, and being put into the national storage unit (under the Smithsonian), Joe figured out that this is the same place where Indiana Jone's Arc of the Covenent would've been taken (not in the movie, Joe's own opinion). Ben goes to save his friends.... makes new ones on the way.

Ben Stiller's character is minor, compared with all the other characters. The egyptian king (shown) stole the show. The little men (the cowboy and Roman guard, Octavious) had important, FUNNY parts. The Jonas Brothers were in it, way way funny! The security guard, Brandon (pronouced BRUNDON), has a short part... should have been longer, he was too funny.
The heroine, Amelia Earhart... eh. Her character annoyed me, with all her 1930-ish lingo.

Lanuage? I couldn't remember any, nothing that impressed upon my memory.
Sexual content? Maybe one kiss, one fall on top of each other, and the Jonas brother are naked throughout the movie. OK, this is rated PG..... they are little cherub statues that fly around. GOTCHA.
Intensity? There were some parts that were intense, some very scary parts with an octopus that scared me. Would I let someone under 10 see it, yes if they can handle scary.
Would I see it again? And again? and again? YES! I"ll be buying this one. There are so many one liners that were so funny, that my girls and friends repeat (and Joe).

Out of 5 dirty chickie towels (these are things that I see on my computer table right now!) I would give it a 5.

UP! This is a 3D movie, which is also shown in 2D. This means, buy glasses / don't have to buy glasses. We saw it in 2D. To sum it all up in one word, DELIGHTFUL. Having said that, we hated it. Confused?

Disney/Pixar really know how to pull the heartstrings. I cried, sobbed 5 times. 5 separate times in this movie I said, "Why did we come to this horrible movie?" "We are NOT buying this!".

The whole story is about Mr. Frederickson trying to get to a place where his wife wants to go for her ultimate adventure. He takes along Russel, the scout, by mistake. Russel is trying to get his "assist the elderly" merit badge and he's relentless in trying to get it. Along the way they find Kevin (the bird), and dog (the dog) who has to wear the "Cone of Shame" (See picture above). Ed Asner is the voice for Mr. Frederickson, PERFECT!

I laughed out loud many times, MANY funny parts in this movie... anyone who has a scout or who has been a scout would like some of the scenes. It was intense at times, but not too intense that I couldn't handle it. Sad? Of course. No language, no sexual themes (well, except when the wife sees babies in every cloud and POOF, she's pregnant).

There is a cartoon short in the beginning of the movie. We think that should have been shown at the end so we could've left feeling better. The short was VERY VERY funny.

Would we see this again? Yes, if we rented it with one of Joe's FREE Red Box coupon's. Would I buy it? I'd have to see it again.

Out of 5 lip glosses; I'd give it a 4.8 - .2 off for all the kleenex I wished I had and had to use Hannah's shirt.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Wolverine rated PG-13. I'll be honest, I didn't do my homework on this film before we went last night. We are all X-Men fans, so it didn't cross my mind to read up on it.

This was a pre-quill to the 3 X-men series, it gave some history as to how/why Wolverine, aka Logan, aka Hugh Jackman, was the way he was. It tied up some loose ends about his history. The film was action packed, violent-violent-violent, and there was nudity. All in the name of medical science, during Wolverine's transformation to a SUPER mutant. Didn't matter, he was nakey. Hannah took it as an Anatomy lesson I'm sure. There's language in it, did I mention violence? I know X-Men is an action packed film, but they really got into killing innocent people, maybe way too much for what the story needed.

Would I go again? No. Would I let my daughter's see it again, No. Would I rent it? No. Would I watch the watered down, television, edited version? In a heartbeat. If you do go, we stayed until all the credits were done and there is a scene at the very end.... we were all disappointed.

To rate the movie as a whole: Out of 5 McDonald's Soft Drink Cups, I'd give it a 3.5 . One off the the nakey scene, half off for the violence and half off for incorrectly referring to a drug and what it does (I picked that out right away, kind of ruined that scene for me). Good story line, good acting, good characters.

There are some pretty good movies coming out this summer! Can't wait to see UP!