Friday, August 31, 2007

Computer Problems

I've had a death in the family. It's been very sad around here... my computer died.
You never realize how much you depend on a computer until it's gone. A friend of ours is trying to retrieve the files and documents, he said there's a good chance to get them downloaded onto a CD. So until them, I have Holly's laptop to keep intouch. I'm hoping to get a new one $oon. I"m so thankful I've downloaded 5 years worth of pictures onto CD's. I just have 2007's on the hard drive, like Hannah's graduation. Sniff.

I just finished week #3 of training. My feet are sore and I don't think my head can hold anymore information. It's a full capacity right now. Today, I made some mistakes. Actually, big mistakes. Both of them were because I asked fellow trainees how to do things and they told me wrong. I learned a lesson! Who not to ask and I better start knowing how to do things right because you can really mess up bad! I"m glad I had a TRAINEE badge on today.

Emma survived week #2 of high school. She joined the pep band, which she said is AWESOME. She'll be playing the quints. Then in concert band, she is going to start playing the bassoon. They need a bassoonist and Emma doesn't want to be bored (there are 16 drummers). I can't wait until she brings it home to practice. She'll have to go in the basement.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Frontier Training

I"m in week #3 of my training! It's been an awakening experience so far. I feel like my brain has been woke up and it's working again. Not that lunch ladying has dulled my brain senses...actually it has. I've got 3 more weeks left until I am a real CSA (Customer Service Agent). Today, I got to issue boarding passes, change seats, fix problems with customer's reservations, etc... I even liked it. During my lunch break today, I walked down to the concourses and tried to get myself lost, so I could find my way around. It worked. It took me 20 minutes to get lost and then I had to hoof-it to get back in 10.

I'm cancelling my gym membership. I get a cardio workout and I lift 50 pound bags for 8 hours.
Call me Olga the weight lifter!

Hannah doesn't start BYUID until January. Until then, she's got some trips planned, a nice perk with my job.

Emma started high school and has survived week #1. She even likes it.

Holly sold her first house!! She listed it, and sold it in 2.5 weeks.

Joe's still working for a clown