Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Brendon Frasier is the main character, so is the boy from RV and from Kicking and Screaming, and I don't know who the heroine is.

It's another rental that just came out today, it's made in 3-D, but we didn't have the glasses. That's OK, because 3-D gives me a headache.

VERY GOOD! Watch the beginning. You'll know why as you watch. No sex, language, or violence (Except when the Dinosaur chases the little boy, that was intense). There were two little kisses in the movie and that was about it for the sexual content.

You could even get in a little geological and chemistry education in this movie! They talk about rock formations, diamonds, caves, and what happens to magnesium when you light it with a flare.

It was sad in parts, Hannah cried a little tear or two.

Out of 5 Black Cats, we give it a 5+1. The +1 for the education tidbits.


Tinkerbell.... rental movie that just came out! OK.... if you think it's a moronic movie, just meant for 4 year olds, you could be right. BUT, Hannah and I watched it today (and yes I dragged my feet all the way when she wanted to rent it) and laughed pretty hard. The story line was really for the pre-school crowd, but whoever wrote the secondary characters, made the movie.

As you watch, our favorite parts were the squirrel, baby fire flies, and baby bird. And when the movie was done, we re-watched those parts over and over, laughing all the way.

Out of 5 gallons of squisher, we would give it a 4.5 (minus the .5 for the story line that was below our intelligence level)

Monday, October 27, 2008

HIgh School Musical 3

Hannah and Emma went to see this new movie. They are already bias to loving the movie because of the first two. This is rated G, how many movies in the past 20 years that have been rated G that are worth your money to see? THIS ONE! They said it is all age appropriate, they are buying the music soundtrack ASAP. Compared to the first two, this one is the best. I asked, "Will there be a College Musical 1?" Emma replied, "Only if we are lucky!"

The first movie started out in their sophmore year in high school and this year is their final year as seniors. Pending everyone graduates, we will see them in college? I asked Emma if there will be a pre-quil for their Freshmen year. She looked at me as if I had a second head growing out of my neck. I know NOTHING.

Take the family. I myself will watch it with it comes to the Disney channel on TV.
Out of 5 Jack-O-Lanterns, my girls give it a 5.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

So this is going to be a fun weekend! Joe's turning the BIG 5-0 on Monday the 13th and we are throwing him a HAWAII 5-0 party. When we sat down to invite his friends, we should've been keeping track of how many.... AFTER we sent out the invites, that's when we counted. It's only 80 of his closest friends and seminary students. We have rented the clubhouse that we will be using for the WFR.

I have a game that we are playing: HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW JOE? Want to play along?
1.When is JOe's birthday?
2. FAvorite item on McD's menu?
3.Joe's first car?
4. What years did Joe serve his mission?
5. Joe is tri-lingual, name all
6. How many baptisms did Joe perform on his mission?
7.T / F Joe sang soprano in the choir at 16 years
8. Joe has ___ brothers and ____ sisters
9.Joe's favorite birthday present when he was younger
10. Joe's most embarrassing moment...
11. What's Joe's golf handicap?
12. What calling has Joe never had, but has always wanted?
13. What does Joe's father in law call him?
14.What was Joe's career BEFORE hamburgers?
15. What movie star was Joe mistaken for in 1980
16. What do Joe's seminary students call him?