Friday, June 6, 2008


Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull

OK, if your an Indiana Jones fan, it won't matter what the adventure is, you'll like the movie.
Even if this adventure has a clear, lucite, misshapen skull stuffed with Saran wrap.
George Lucas would have been better prepared if he had read the Book of Mormon and had Korihor come out of the temple and been a character rather than aliens. My family gave it a "eh..." review.
And Indiana's son Shia LeBouf (Sp??), he was fantastic according to my girls. There will be sequels with him in them.

Iron Man

This was a surprising movie. First, I didn't know that Robert Downey Jr was the star... not too much of a fan since he's a drug user, but he's still cute. Then the first 45 minutes of the movie, I didn't know if I was in the right movie. I asked Joe several times if we went into the wrong theater. Lots of violence, NOT a good movie for anyone under 16. If you skip the first 45, then maybe young teens would be ok. I don't like intense, it was intense. Then by the end, I started loving the movie....can't wait til the sequels, and there will be sequels.

HINT: DO NOT LEAVE until all the credits have scrolled by. That's all I'll tell you.


I loved this movie best of all! All the same characters, only one year older. The kids go back to Narnia to find things aren't the same, they still find the lion, but Mr. Tumnus is long gone, that was sad. That wicked ice queen makes an appearance.... she scares me. Prince Caspian is a good guy, his uncle.... not a good guy. There will be more sequels, but it sounds like the two older kids have out lived their Narnia days, they're imaginations are going. There is ONE kissing scene. Alot of sighs in the audience. All from my girls. Beautiful scenery throughout the movie too.

More reviews coming all summer long.......................

Where have the Mero's been?

Wow! It's been a long time since I've updated!

Here's what's been happening:

We had Christmas in December.
Joe's mom came to visit for several weeks in April. She died in June
We went on a fantastic vacation to San Antonio with another family in our ward. That's us in the shark mouth. Did you know that San Antonio has the BEST tasting water I've ever had in my life? Just a fun fact.

Hannah is home from BYU-I for the time being, she's still carrying a full load of classes thru this summer, all on line (not as easy as she thought!)
I'm still at Frontier for 51 more days. Then I'm going back to the schools to manage a middle school kitchen. I like having weekends off, holidays off, summers off, and being a manager... all paid.