Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'm finally updating!!

Hello! I'm finally updating our family blog page.....

Joe: He's singing "I'm loving it" with McD's still. He loves my job too. On his birthday, he flew to Michigan to play golf. Has a GREAT birthday party at the Snow's, and got to see his mom.

Sarah: I'm finally working out at DIA. It's getting to be fun, it's hard at times. I went to SLC to take mom and dad out to lunch, that was fun! We also went to San Diego (before the fires) and went out to lunch to "In and Out Burger" Joe conceded that it was the best hamburger he's ever eaten.

Holly: BIG NEWs: She quit her job and is moving back to Provo in 2-3 weeks. She wants to finish school and have fun with cousins. We are right now packing her up :)

Hannah: She's working an saving for college. She leaves in January, got her official acceptance letter from BYU-I for winter semester. :) We are going to miss her. She's my go-and-get-Emma driver.

Emma: Loves high school. Dropped playing the drums, took up bassoon, then the band director made her percussion section leader after 2 weeks of playing the bassoon. Draw your own conclusions....