Monday, March 8, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland was a pretty good movie. I was surprised. Too intense for little ones, though.
Alice finds herself returning to Wonderland after being gone for 13 years. She doesn't remember her first trip there, but the other characters remember her.
Johnny Depp does a GREAT job in playing the role of the Mad Hatter. The director, Tim Burton really puts a twist on the story in his own twisted sort of way. Don't think he follows the same Disney story line as Hannah did, she couldn't keep the story straight when she saw it the first time. Crispen something plays the Queen of Hearts' knight. You'll know him when you look closely... he's George McFly! Also, listen to the caterpillar.... you'll know his voice if you're a Harry Potter fan!
No language, no inappropriate scenes, just some violence and wars, and gross scenes like Alice walking on heads (the be-headed heads from the Red Queen) and the eye-ball that gets plucked out from some poor creature.
Over-all, pretty good movie. Would I see it again, as a rental for $1. Buy it? No, I'd rather rent it.
Out of 5 Cherry Blossom body lotions... I'd give it a 4 (1 off for the eye-ball plucking.... GROSS!)