Saturday, August 8, 2009

Julie and Julia

Just saw Julie & Julia! We laughed and laughed. This is a funny movie.
It's a story about how Julia Childs became a french cooking rock star and how a writer, Julie, tested and made all Julia Childs' recipes in her The Art Of French Cooking cookbook.

I would even say this movie was delightful. BUT... it does have strong language, not alot but the "F" word was used once and other strong words. It also has some sexual innuendo scenes, from both Julia and Julie.... not together, with their respected husbands.

Speaking of husbands, this movie depicted something we haven't seen hardly anything of... husbands and wives actually working out problems together, showing support for each other, being happy they are married, showing respect and honor to each other... no one went out and had an affair. That was refreshing to see.

Meryl Streep was FANTASTIC! She really captured the real Julia Childs. I remember watching when I was a little girl, the real Julia on her cooking show and wondering if she really was a little tipsy trussing a turkey.... the answer is yes.

Gramma Walker has her cookbook, I've even tried making some of the recipes from it. I am not a French Chef.

Out of 5 Med-Surgical Nursing Books, I will give it a 4. One off for the language and sexual content. Would I see it again? Maybe on video, definately on TV with the stuff cut out.

Bon Appetite!