Sunday, December 28, 2008


We just went and saw this movie last night...
It wasn't a feel good movie like Enchanted or Twilight, no one lived happily ever after; in fact, it was kind of depressing. BUT, what happened in Germany wasn't very good.

This movie depicted ONE of the plots (out of about 20) to killer Hitler and over throw the government. Tom Cruise portrayed a colonial in the regime and was the one of the main "plotters". I liked the fact that it was based on a true story. It didn't get into the concentration camps or the bad things that were happening to the Jews. It did show Hitler being off his rocker and how "God-Like" his followers esteemed him. You want to know what secret combinations were? This was the first thought I had at the beginning of the movie.

Good things about the movie? I liked the fact that to showed that all German's weren't like Hitler. They were good people, that loved their country (not leaders), and were willing to risk their lives for it. They loved their families, their homes, their friends. Another good thing was that I am interested more about WW II history. Emma and I had a good conversation about it all, maybe this will put a personal face on this history stuff and it will help her in her studies.

I thought Tom Cruise did a very good job, unlike what the critics have said about him. The movie was intense, almost too intense for me (I don't like intense). If there was bad language, it could've been in German or I didn't pay attention. Some kissing, but that was a goodbye or a hello kiss from Tom's movie wife. Violence.... it was WW II. Shooting, bombs, suicides, hangings..... not alot of blood or gore. Pay attention to all characters that took part in this plot, all are important. There are some funny parts, as well as very sad.

Would I see it again in the theater? Probably not. Would I use a free coupon from RedBox to rent it? Maybe.

Out of 5 German Pancakes..... I'd give it a 3.5 (taking off for intensity and my lack of Gernman knowledge, because I was lost part of the time and had to ask Joe a million questions)