Friday, November 21, 2008


My whole family went to see the premier of Twilight... in two different states. Officially, I saw it before Holly. Mine started at midnight, hers at 12:15.
I've read all 3 books, loved them all. The movie followed Book 1 very well.

Seeing a premier movie at midnight (for Joe and I), you will know that it has to be a movie that we REALLY want to see. It was. Joe and two other young men that are from Joe's seminary class a few years back were pretty much the only male-type figures in the audience. It didn't bother me... only they noticed.

The scenes from Forks were exactly how I pictured them in my head as I read the book. The characters were perfect.... although, I thought Rosalee was a bit too "hippy".... you know, like she wasn't a tiny figured model like I imagined. BUt that was the only discrepancy. Jacob Black was better than I imagined. He looked like a human for of a wolf! (Oops, that comes out in book two).

The story had some kissing scenes, nothing else. Although the kissing was hot and steamy, Edward made sure that it stopped before it had gone beyond that. He's a good, old fashioned boy.... born in the early 1900's and he didn't want Bella for dinner.

There were some intense parts... like when the 3 other vampires interrupted a family baseball game of the Cullin's (the "good" vampires) and realized that Bella was human and the breeze sent her scent lofting over to the 3.... "You brought a snack", the one said.

I can't say too much more. I will be seeing it again, I think Hannah is seeing it again this afternoon with some friends. Would I let a pre-teen see it? How do you feel about up close kissing scenes? Biting of vampires on necks and arms? They do have to rip apart and burn one vampire to destroy him, he's a really BAD guy.

Out of 5 Diet Cokes, I give it an infinity of Diet Cokes. Can't wait to buy it!