Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WOOHOO! It's finally here! Hannah and Emma (and 20 of their closest friends) dared the midnight showing, Joe and I waited for the matinee $5 movie.
I've read all the books, loved this book (#7). The movie pretty much followed the book, I wasn't disappointed. I've read some critical reviews from FOX NEWS, don't listen to that critic. Obviously he didn't get into the whole Harry Potter life like our family does.
The movie was intense, not too bad because I liked it. It did have one slightly off seen where Ron is being showed lies to make him not do something (can't tell... have to see), Harry and Hermoine are kissing, no clothes, nothing shows but we all know there nothing can tell it's also a dream-like state shot.
It's a fun movie, if you don't like snake scary scenes, take someone with you that's seen it so they can tell you when to close your eyes. I'll go if you need someone.
Would I let a pre-teen go? Have they read the books? Then yes. Anyone under 7-8? probably not, too scary. Would I see it again, maybe. Buy it? I'll buy the complete set when it's out.
Out of 10 pairs of Dumbledoor bifocals, I'd give it a 9...... 1 off for the racey scene that didn't need to be there.