Wednesday, June 30, 2010


ECLIPSE! My girls saw it at the midnight showing. I just saw it this afternoon.
Part three in the 4 part book series. This is the book/movie where I developed the distaste for Bella, the female star in the books. She leads on the vampire and the werewolf, she wants both to love her, but yet is torn. What drama. Yawn.

When I saw it, honestly I was embarrassed for Emma who saw it with her friends. LOTS of steamy kissing. No sex, Edward stops Bella before it goes too far. In fact, he uses the "V" word.... VIRTUE! It was good to hear the word in the right context in a movie, someone actually defending a girls virtue. But still, lots of kissing, making out scenes. I'm sure it made her uncomfortable, made me uncomfortable!

The jury is still out on if I liked it or not. It followed the book pretty well, good special effects. Hannah loved it, Emma didn't talk about it (I'm wondering if she paid attention or fell asleep). It had violence, killing vampires. The way you kill a vampire is to tear it's head off and burn the pieces.... that's violent. No blood from all the killing, because they are like stone, and rocks fly, but you still see beheadings. Joe said, "Cool" several times.

Would I see it again? Yes Would I rent it/buy it, definately. Would I let the 14 and under crowd see it? Maybe not. No swearing, maybe 2 times with the "D" word.
Best quote in the movie, "Doesn't he own a shirt?" Edward asking Bella if jacob owns a shirt because he's pretty much topless in the whole movie.... a little eye candy. :)
Out of 10 eyelash curlers.... I'd give it a 9.5

The Prince of Persia

This film was INTENSE! If you know me, then you will know I didn't like it. I don't like intense. It was way way intense.

It starred Jake Gillenahall (sp?) who played the hero, the street urchen who got adopted by the King of Persia because he liked the way little Jake handled himself fighting off the King's guards in the market place while protecting his little friend.

The story is a little hard to follow, listen and watch carefully. They couple extreme violence with humor, and it was hard to turn off the killing and turn to humor. I didn't get it. Lots and lots of killing. Lots of sword fights, lots of special effects. Maybe too many special effects to make it so unreal, so unbelievable, so desensitizing.

All throughout the movie, I couldn't get past that everyone had an English accent, and yet this was in Persia, aka Iraq, Iran, MIddle East.

Would I see it again, no. Would I rent it for free, no. Would I let anyone under the age of 21 see it? No. Way too violent, too much killing. No sex, maybe a kiss (can't remember), Can't remember any bad language... it was all the sword fights and SNAKES. Ugh.

Out of 10 half-empty water bottles, I would give it a 2. One for the scenery, and one for the story.