Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief

If you are in to Greek Mythology and lots of action, you'll like this movie.

We were a few minutes late, fortunately we had someone with us who read all of the books who explained to us what we missed. Don't be late.

Percy is a Demi-God, meaning he is the son of
Poseidon and a mortal mom. Percy has been accused of stealing Zues's lightening, but didn't really. He and his friends go out into the world trying to find the underworld where Hades has imprisoned Percy's mom. Very appropriate, the underworld's entrance is in Hollywood, CA. Emma got a chuckle out of that.

If you know your mythology, you'll enjoy the movie more. I was stuck next to someone who didn't know a whole lot about it and was explaining alot.

Lots of action, monsters, beheadings, sword fighting... I thought the movie is perfect for a teenage boy. Not for the under 12 crowd, though. It was way too intense for me in some parts. Maybe one or two bad words, nothing too too bad. A couple of scenes of sexual "promiscuity talk", you didn't have to imagine too hard.

Out of 5 Medusa snake heads, I would give it a 4.5. I'd rent it at Red Box for a $1.

Monday, February 1, 2010


MJ's Final Concert!
Saw this in the theater when it came out, just rented it this weekend. Bought the CD of the music that same night we saw it in the theater.
All I can say is WOW. This was a talented/messed up human being. If you can get passed all the crotch grabbing then you'll enjoy the dancing. I just think he was insecure.
The dancing was incredible, those dancers were phenomenal. My only though was I sure hope they get paid in full and get residuals from this DVD. They totally deserve every penny and Joe Jackson shouldn't get his hands on any part of it.

The producer... can't remember his name.... coddles MJ so much, it's nauseating. MJ really was a hands on type singer that had a vision of how he wanted this concert. The producer was more like a puppet or yes-man.

During this movie, everyone looks for any sign of his faultering, or sign of weakness, something that would give a clue as to if he were unhealthy for this concert. Didn't see anything at all. He looked good to me! Way WAY too young to have died.

Out of 5 OOO-OO's, I'll give it a 4 (1 off for MJ not being able to keep his hands off his zipper-area)

Extrodinary Measures

This is based off of a true story....
Harrison Ford produced this film and starred in it. I'll be honest, I did NOT like his character until the VERY VERY end of this movie. Brandon Frasier, however, I fell in love with his character right away. Here's why: He truly loved and adored his children and wife. How many times does Hollywood portray this? Not too many. This movie showed a husband and wife problem solving together, supporting each other thru difficult times, really leaning on each other, rather than them going off looking for support from greener pastures. This little family really was struggling with medical bills, employment, life and death situations and they held together.

Harrison Ford played a research doctor. His life consisted of living/working by himself, concerned only about himself, consumed about finding an enzyme that would metabolize the the human body to help patients with a form of MD, Pompe Disease. He's just so close, but lacks funding. In walks this father driven to save his 2 children that are stricken with this dreadful disease with an Ivy League business degree to raise the money.

That's about all I'll tell you.... The ending is remarkable. The actors that play the children have personality plus! You can't help but fall in love with them. Harrison Ford did.

If you like medical type movies, you'll love this one. There is no blood or guts though. There is one scene where the parents finally get a moment alone and the home health nurse walks in, but it's not bad (clothes are ON). Then, there's the language.... they use the word that is synonymous to fecal matter freely.

Would I rent it, No. I don't want that language in my home. Would I watch a cleaned up version on TV? OH yes! Would I want my kids to see it, Hannah yes (she likes medical things), Emma I don't know.

Out of 5 Nemo Fish hanging from my mirror, I would give it a 4 (one off for language)

Blind Side

BLIND SIDE with Sandra Bullock.
Joe saw this, it's a football movie. He likes sports movies. He LOVED this movie.
I"m not sure what's in the movie, if there was bad language, sex, violence. He would see it again, I'm sure we'll rent it when it comes out.