Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cloudy With A Side Of Meatballs

Emma and I saw this in 3-D! Thought I would get a headache, but they've come a long way since I saw a 3-D movie last!

This was a very enjoyable, funny little movie. Emma's 2nd time in seeing it. Take the kids to this one, it's a keeper! No language, no bad stuff, except falling pancakes and one little boy gets a tummy ache from eating too many jelly beans.

Flint, the inventor, invents food from water vapor and thinks he is saving his town. You see before your eyes the mayor growing larger as does his ego. Mr. T is pretty funny, yes Mr. T finally got a job! I know he's been unemployed since the cancellation of the A-Team.

So, out of five Blackberry Flip phones, I give it a 4.9. We'll probably buy it, but it won't have the same effect of coolness if I can't see it again in 3-D.