Monday, July 27, 2009

So this movie will be premiered in September. I don't know what it is rated, yet.
It's about two men, fighting in Iraq, about their lives, etc....
Why am I advocating this movie? I know the director, writer and producer. Yeppers, I know someone who is/going to be famous. His name is Chris Bender and I worked with him at Frontier.

He is by far, the most intelligent man I've ever known, a genious. He helped me out so many times with HORRIBLE customers, he's a good guy. He liked coming to me to do vouchers, etc... because I didn't get flustered in typing while he was standing over me giving instructions.

Anyway, good luck to him! I'm hoping it's not rated R so I can go and see it.

Just saw Harry Potter! We were a little late in not getting to the premier like everyone else in the world.
I loved the movie. Albeit it's more of a love story than a Voldemort story. Some "snogging", lots of action. No Lord Voldemort scenes, pretty much it's how he came to be from Tom Riddle to Lord V. Lost of history as to why things are the way they are.
Would I see this again? Of course. Will I be buying it? Of Course.
Read the book too, it adds to the movie. The ending, a little disappointing if you haven't read the book. Yes, Hannah cried in the end. Best scene: When Harry drinks the Felix Felcias (sp?) potion that makes him lucky. This movie has it's funny parts, too. I cannot wait for the last movie!

Out of 5 Sleeping black kitties... I will give it a 5.