Sunday, August 31, 2008

We had a ward BBQ/swim party this Friday... but the reason I'm sending these pictures is this is where our first and last day of the WFR will be held. Joe was our BBQ-er, he's been stereo typed. He put out 300 burgers in 30 minutes. Not bad. Hannah is being jumped on by Emma.... and the black kitty is Homey. Don't pick her up, don't look at her, don't call her... it has to be her idea or she will hate you forever.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

...and BTW: That picture is not me.

The Lunch Lady Returneth

Yes... I am back to being a lunch lady, but not just a regular old lunch lady, a kitchen manager. This has been the best career move I've made in the past year. Frontier didn't work out, I was so very close to being laid off, lotsof my friends were laid off, so I thought if I put my notice in, maybe that will save someone's job. I knew about switching jobs back in April, so I knew I had it and I wouldn't need umemployment. Goods and bads with both jobs... no more free flying, that's sad, but tell the truth, my family and I are kind of tired of flying. Good about the lunch job: I'm salaried... which means, as I'm laying by the pool this next summer, I will be saying, "Hmmm, I'm getting paid to do this!" and at Christmas as I'm opening up presents, I'll say, "Hmmmm, I'm getting paid to do this!" or even at the family reunion next summer, I'll be getting paid to have fun with the fam.

Emma starts 10th grade next week. She's so ready to get back into the school realm. She's been getting her summer reading done and even getting some french horn practicing done. Hannah's been giving private lessons this summer to help her get ahead.

Hannah has been working alot this summer at the YMCA. She's going to take the fall semester off and study for her entrance exam into nursing school. She completed 2 semesters at BYU-I and that was enough for her. She will stay at home for nursing school. She did buy a new car... a 1997 Land Rover! Oh what freedom she doth have now.

Joe is still working for a clown. His store will be torn down this fall and they will re-build it at the same location. Brand new everything... it's so fun for him. Joe had been in the hospital a few weeks ago. He had a coughing attack (he had a BAD flu) and a mysterious bruise showed up a few days later. I'd send a picture but it would scare you. So, we went to the ER, the doc's eyeballs popped out when he saw this HUGE bruise on his left side.... it was his left side...the doc confirmed my worry about it being his spleen because this bruise showed up so fast. He had a MRI and everything was normal. In two days, the bruise was gone. VERY STRANGE! This is why I miss Aunt Marti, she would love to hear stories about these medical mysteries. Anyway, Joe's doing great.

More movie reviews are coming... we just have to find something worthwhile to watch!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

2nd Hand Movie Reviews + one Book Review

The Traveling Pants part TWO
Hannah saw this one.... she saw the first, too. Her only comment was, "It's not as good as the first."
Go see the first.

Star Wars, The Clone Wars
My friend and her son saw it. Her comment was, "It was a good 11 year old movie."
So, if you have an eleven year old, go see it.

Breaking Dawn (Book)
If your into the Twilight series, you've probably read the book already.... or at least heard about it. You must already know that the Twilight movie will be November 21 instead of December 12 (thank you Harry Potter-that movie's been pushed back til next summer)

This book is the final of the series of four. Bella and Edward get married and live happily ever after. That just about sums it up. Lots of drama, lots of Oh My Gosh's, and wow's in between all those pages. I'm not a fan of Jacob, the selfish, self-centered werewolf who won't leave Bella alone. So the whole middle of the book where the story is thru Jacob's eyes, I could have done without.

This book does contain watered down sex, not too graphic (your imagination will do the rest), but on the good side, they are at least married. Would I let my 15 yr old read it? She's still on book one, Twilight. It'll take her a couple of years to catch up the way she's going.

Out of 5 Bags of Lay's Baked Chips, I give it a 4.5

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another Movie Review.....

The Mummy.....

the family to see the new Brendon Fraser movie, The Mummy (Part three). We've seen the other two on TV, so we thought we'd go and see the third. They didn't use the original wife, which kind of ruined the love story and the son is all grown up.

Interesting story line about the Terra Cotta Warriors in China, I'm sure if any of the Dix's would see the movie, they would laugh, just because they saw the REAL warriors in China. Lots of Chinese folklore and mystic-ness (?), it teetered on being hokey.

Violent film, beheadings of already dead soldiers (that come to life), I think when the Yetti came out of the mountains to help the good guys, Joe and I just looked at each other and said, "Well this ruined it ", Lots of guns, RPG's, and of course... Chinese Fireworks. Lots of cursing, didn't like that. Kissing scenes, but nothing else. Everyone keeps their clothes on.

Out of FIVE scented candles, I'd give it a 3 for learning something about history and maybe sparking some kids to go to wikopedia and learn more about the Terra Cotta Warriors.


This movie was made back in the 1990's, but we just bought it today at Best Buy. We've been looking for it FOREVER! It's got to be the funniest movie EVER. If your ever in a bad mood or in need of silly humor, rent or buy it.

It's fit for all ages, lots of "gas" jokes, good language, no sex/violence. It's about a computer geek that gets chosen to go to Mars, along with a Chimpanzee and two other people, Listen good, there's alot of dry humor.

Out of 5 Kenmore Dryers, I'd give this one a 5. It's that good.