Saturday, November 24, 2007


It's a Disney Movie! Took the family to see it yesterday. Everyone that went (me, Joe, and Emma) all gave it a 2-thumbs up. Main theme: True Love's kiss is the most powerful thing EVER, and people can live happily ever after!

So, there was one passionate kiss (Patrick Dempsey was the boy, sigh....) to bring the princess out of her coma-like-induced by the poisoness apple sleep. Everyone could hear Emma sighing in the theater. There is an evil step mother, it wouldn't be a Disney movie if there wasn't an evil step mother. She really is wicked.

Instead of getting birdies, squirrels, and bunny rabbits to help Giselle clean up an apartment (like Snow White)(And Giselle is a mixture of all the Disney Heroine's)
Giselle gets all the NYC rats, pigeons,, and cock roaches to help.

The movie is a little cheesy, but it's supposed to be (kind of making fun of the Disney Cartoon movies about love), but it has a good, warm message about true love and living happily ever after. Joe and I figured out that our girls live in this mentality. It'll be a buyer when it comes out on DVD.

It gets 3 1/2 stars (Lord of the Rings was better)