Thursday, July 26, 2007


Answers to the Q's:

Yes, I get free flight benefits! Me, Joe and my dependant children (not Holly, sniff) and MY PARENTS! get to fly for free. Then I get buddy passes (for Holly).

When the interviewer saw that I was a lunch lady, she says, "That says it all, when can you start?" who knew that working in a middle school would prepare me for this career?

When I worked in the hospital...our ER staffed by the lunar cycles. I remember those full mooned nights and all those babies born! I guess the airport will have it's crazy's too. THANKS for reminding me!

Today, I go in for my drug screen test. Glad I studied. Ha! Just kidding mom. I've been going to the gym everyday, getting on the stair stepping devil. I hate that machine. I'm SO thankful that I've been going to the gym for 3+ years. The physical assesment will be next week.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

No Longer A Lunch Lady!

I had a job interview this morning, actually it lasted all day. I call it a cattle call. About 75 people were there for the same job at Frontier Airlines. I passed thru all the interviews, assessment test, hoops of various sizes, and I got hired as a Customer Service Agent. WA-HOO! NO more burning myself on hot ovens! I just have to pass a physical assessment test, a drug screen, and an FBI background check scheduled for next week, then I will be giving my notice to the lunch room, sniff....

And....good news.... Bill, Lisa, and Noah will be at our third Sunday dinner on August 12th. They saw my invitation and decided to take me up on it (not really, I think it has to do with some baby getting blessed). Any other takers for dinner?


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Updates for Week of July 15-ish

What a week! I'm glad it's over.
Hannah got all her applications done and sent in for BYU-I, she got housing taken care of (we just have to send a check TODAY), so with faith--she's going in the Fall. Emma is SO ready to take over her room.
Here's a funny: I was calling around to the apartment complexs that were still taking applications (three total) and I got hold of a nice young man "John" who took our application over the phone. I asked, "Where do you go shopping if you don't have a car?" He told me about some places and how to get groceries home.. I guess I sounded unconvinced and he said, "When Hannah gets here, I'll take her." I turned to Hannah who is wondering what I was laughing about and said, "Hannah, I just got you a date!"

Bad News: I didn't get the job at the hospital trauma unit, NUTS....
Good News: I have an interview Tuesday with Frontier Airlines... :) Tomorrow, our family is fasting.
Better News: I'm still employed as a lunch lady
Best News: Joe still has a GREAT job!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix
We all went to the midnight showing. THAT was an experience, didn't know there were that many Harry Potter fans in Aurora--with costumes and wands! Hannah brought an eyeliner pencil and I drew little lightening bolts on our group's foreheads (About 40).

The movie was probably one of the best of the series. It did follow the book with a few exceptions. I liked this director's style much better than the last one. Harry is evolving into a leader finally. Neville is finally getting into the storyline. Not too much of Malfoy, he's still a follower. Snape has more lines this movie.

Favorite Character: Even though she is pure evil, Delores Umbridge does a GREAT job in portraying what and how a teacher shouldn't be like. And it's all done with a smile.
Scaryest Character: Voldemort and Lucious Malfoy. Uh! They scared everyone.
Holly's Scariest Character: Belletreux LeStrange, the crazy witch that put Neville's parents in the looney bin.
Favorite Room at Hogwarts: Miss Umbridges Office. Meowing cute kittens all over.
Sarah's Favorite: Poor Dudleykins. He's turning out to be a bully until the dementors get hold of him. His facial expressions were priceless.
Joe's Favorite Part: Voldemort and Dumbledor's fight, cool special effects.
Holly's Favorite Part: When Hermoine found it fun to break the rules. And Holly loved the whole movie.
Emma's Favorite Part: When it ended. She was tired and wanted to go to bed.

Overall, I'd see it again, even buy it. BUT.... it's not for the little ones. It was pretty intense and during the wand battle, someone dies. Hannah and her friends cried. There is one kissing scene in the movie. It doesn't elude to anything after..... That's the only "steamy" part in the
film. No bad language that I can remember, Emma did hear a new word though, "What's snogging, mom?" I told her it was kissing, was I right? Gross

I hope I didn't ruin any parts of the movie for you...I tried not to give anything away.
We got home at 2:30am this morning---I'm extremely tired but need to work on Hannah's college quilt.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Having Fun With Gramma Griffis....

Joe was having a little bit too much fun with his mom who weighs probably a little less than his left leg. Everyone got a chance to have Gramma on their lap.

Holly is winking at me...or is she thinking about someone else........

Tonight....of course, we are going to see at MIDNIGHT, Harry Potter! I can't believe I let my girls talk me into going to this late night showing. It'll be an expensive nap if I don't take one before I go tonight. We are dropping off Hannah and Emma to save us seats and I think Joe and I will go out to Olive Garden. Fair deal. It's great having older kids who think it's way cool to stand in line (tickets have already been bought this morning) and play UNO, etc.... with their friends from our ward.

And..... if you don't know yet, Hannah is applying for BYU-ID. We are getting her applications done, today we got her school transcripts sent. One more part to do and then it's done and out of our hands.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Gramma Griffis visits Colorado...

Joe's mom is here visiting with us for a little while. It's nice that she's able to travel and be with her grandkids, we didn't think that was going to be possible with her health. Yesterday, we went out to Fort Logan Cemetary and saw Joe's dad's grave. Missy and kids came to meet us, that's Jordan, Jared, Hannah, Nikki, and Tanner by David's headstone. Joe....only Joe can find something fun in the cemetary. He found a tombstone that says, "Joseph W. Romero" Kind of morbid.


This was Gramma Walker's 80th birthday.
Joe was the Official BBQ-er, which he did a
great job at! The Menu was Hamburgers,
Hotdogs, chicken, spinach salad, an avacado
salad, funeral potatoes, baked beans, fruit salad,
fruit sorbet, and of course...birthday cake. Did
I forget anything? The birthday cake did not
have 80 candles, not safe... but I did get "Sparkler
Candles" they were kind of scary trying to light.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fourth of July!

We had a GREAT fourth of July. It didn't rain, it wasn't cold, we didn't get wet, the company was good, we ate good food, and even the girls had a good time. Our fourth last year was the complete opposite of what I just described.

Movie Reviews:
TRANSFORMERS. My girls were warned NOT to make fun of this movie. They both went with a group of boys in our ward who idolized the Transformer Toys while growing up. Barbi's is to my girls as Transformers is to the boys. They didn't have to make fun at all, they LOVED the movie. It was cool.

RATTITOULE: Another good Pixar flick. Funny parts, funny rats, funny story. The only thing I didn't like was seeing RATS all over the kitchen, cooking and tasting the food for the resturant. It kind of made my skin crawl. It's the lunch lady in me I guess.

SURFS UP: Hannah says it's a VERY funny movie. She'd go and see it again. To me, it was another penguin movie. I didn't go and see it because I didn't like Happy Feet. Too Environmental. I think Al Gore could have produced it.

TWILIGHT, Stephanie Meyer. It's a can't put it down book. Kiss your life goodbye for a couple of days. It's about vampires and werewolves and romance. It's a chick book.

HALF MOON, Stephanie Meyer. Book 2 of the series. More vampires, werewolves, and romance. Once again, you'll need to prepare your family meals ahead, because they will starve. Book three (Eclipse) comes out in August, Hannah is going to meet the author for a book signing.

Monday, July 2, 2007

If Molly can do this, then why can't I? I've never had a blog before, don't know how this will help my life and well-being.

I just now finished my last load of laundry, that made 8 loads for when I got got home from Utah. I didn't even have to run up two floors inbetween washing and drying. I've never appreciated a washer and dryer that stood side by side one another. It's the little things in life that I take for granted.

Hannah worked all day on getting her ducks in a row to start college. She even filled out scholarship forms! She's a driven woman now, trying to get everything ready to go to college. It great to see her so excited about leaving home.